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  • Measures: Sanitary and Phytosanitary [SPS] [A], Technical Barriers to Trade [TBT] [B], Pre-shipment inspection [INSP] [C], Contingent trade protective measures [CTPM] [D], Quantity control measures [QC] [E], Price control measures [PC] [F], Other measures [OTH] [G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O], Export-related measures [EXP] [P]
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    Date(s): 04/08/2021 [in force]
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    Country imposingPartner affectedRequirementsPhaseMeasures 
    AfghanistanAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force12
    AfghanistanAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    AfghanistanAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    AfghanistanAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force1
    AfghanistanAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force51
    AfghanistanAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force16
    AfghanistanAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force20
    AfghanistanBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force1
    AlgeriaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force13
    AlgeriaAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    AlgeriaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    AlgeriaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force1
    AlgeriaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force34
    AlgeriaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force114
    AlgeriaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force122
    AlgeriaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    Antigua and BarbudaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force33
    Antigua and BarbudaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force4
    Antigua and BarbudaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force10
    Antigua and BarbudaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force22
    Antigua and BarbudaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force14
    Antigua and BarbudaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force21
    Antigua and BarbudaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force2
    Antigua and BarbudaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force5
    Antigua and BarbudaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force14
    ArgentinaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force35
    ArgentinaAll MembersOther measuresIn force4
    ArgentinaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force10
    ArgentinaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force16
    ArgentinaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force90
    ArgentinaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force254
    ArgentinaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force260
    ArgentinaBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force101
    ArgentinaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force5
    ArgentinaBilateralPrice control measuresIn force11
    ArgentinaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    ArgentinaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force24
    ArgentinaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force6
    AustraliaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force69
    AustraliaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force355
    AustraliaAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    AustraliaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force3
    AustraliaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force85
    AustraliaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force264
    AustraliaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force834
    AustraliaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force69
    AustraliaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force16
    AustraliaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force14
    AustraliaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force5
    BahamasAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force67
    BahamasAll MembersOther measuresIn force4
    BahamasAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    BahamasAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force8
    BahamasAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force26
    BahamasAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force32
    BahamasAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force21
    BahamasBilateralExport-related measuresIn force6
    BahamasBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force5
    BahamasBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force21
    BahamasBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force2
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force98
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersOther measuresIn force3
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force22
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force33
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force56
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force101
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force105
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofBilateralExport-related measuresIn force7
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofBilateralPrice control measuresIn force1
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force3
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force34
    Bahrain, Kingdom ofBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force2
    BangladeshAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force28
    BangladeshAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force4
    BangladeshAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force22
    BangladeshAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force27
    BangladeshAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force79
    BangladeshAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force82
    BangladeshBilateralExport-related measuresIn force1
    BarbadosAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force48
    BarbadosAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    BarbadosAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force4
    BarbadosAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force8
    BarbadosAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force28
    BarbadosAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force13
    BarbadosAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force49
    BarbadosBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force3
    BarbadosBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force2
    BarbadosBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force24
    BeninAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force20
    BeninAll MembersOther measuresIn force3
    BeninAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force9
    BeninAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force5
    BeninAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force20
    BeninAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force26
    BeninAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force34
    BeninBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force3
    BeninBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force1
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force6
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force25
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force8
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force34
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force25
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force127
    Bolivia, Plurinational State ofBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force8
    BotswanaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force55
    BotswanaAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    BotswanaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    BotswanaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force1
    BotswanaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force17
    BotswanaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force57
    BotswanaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force85
    BotswanaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force3
    BotswanaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    BotswanaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force4
    BrazilAll MembersContingent trade protective measuresIn force6
    BrazilAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force19
    BrazilAll MembersOther measuresIn force3
    BrazilAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force7
    BrazilAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force2
    BrazilAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force242
    BrazilAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force279
    BrazilAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force630
    BrazilBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force94
    BrazilBilateralExport-related measuresIn force2
    BrazilBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force4
    BrazilBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force412
    BrazilBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force10
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force59
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force24
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force54
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force174
    Brunei DarussalamAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force244
    Brunei DarussalamBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    Brunei DarussalamBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force4
    Brunei DarussalamBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1
    Burkina FasoAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force14
    Burkina FasoAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    Burkina FasoAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force3
    Burkina FasoAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force7
    Burkina FasoAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force33
    Burkina FasoAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force5
    Burkina FasoBilateralPrice control measuresIn force1
    Burkina FasoBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    Burkina FasoBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force6
    CambodiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force117
    CambodiaAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    CambodiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    CambodiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force15
    CambodiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force53
    CambodiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force49
    CambodiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force130
    CambodiaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1
    CameroonAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force80
    CameroonAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force10
    CameroonAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force28
    CameroonAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force42
    CameroonAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force49
    CameroonBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    CameroonBilateralExport-related measuresIn force10
    CameroonBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force2
    CanadaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force77
    CanadaAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    CanadaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force8
    CanadaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force32
    CanadaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force109
    CanadaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force204
    CanadaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1145
    CanadaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force59
    CanadaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force12
    CanadaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force51
    CanadaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force30
    CanadaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force8
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force3
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersOther measuresIn force3
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force8
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force4
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force31
    Cabo VerdeAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force28
    ChileAll MembersContingent trade protective measuresIn force1
    ChileAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force24
    ChileAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force8
    ChileAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force12
    ChileAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force122
    ChileAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force367
    ChileAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force238
    ChileBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force527
    ChileBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force1
    ChileBilateralExport-related measuresIn force4
    ChileBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force25
    ChinaAll MembersOther measuresIn force57
    ChinaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force69
    ChinaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force49
    ChinaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force684
    ChinaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force284
    ChinaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force588
    ChinaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force3954
    ChinaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force342
    ChinaBilateralOther measuresIn force1
    ChinaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force44
    ChinaBilateralPrice control measuresIn force2
    ChinaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force28
    ChinaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force1054
    ChinaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force100
    ColombiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force73
    ColombiaAll MembersOther measuresIn force6
    ColombiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force11
    ColombiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force13
    ColombiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force305
    ColombiaAll MembersContingent trade protective measuresIn force2
    ColombiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force139
    ColombiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force204
    ColombiaBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force32
    ColombiaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force5
    ColombiaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    ColombiaBilateralPrice control measuresIn force3
    ColombiaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force5
    ColombiaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force15
    ColombiaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1
    Costa RicaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force27
    Costa RicaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    Costa RicaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force8
    Costa RicaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force21
    Costa RicaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force211
    Costa RicaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force121
    Costa RicaBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force1
    Costa RicaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force111
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersContingent trade protective measuresIn force3
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force14
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force4
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force8
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force16
    Côte d'IvoireAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force7
    Côte d'IvoireBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force53
    CubaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force24
    CubaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force27
    CubaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force7
    CubaAll MembersOther measuresIn force1
    CubaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    CubaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force120
    DominicaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force26
    DominicaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    DominicaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force6
    DominicaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force13
    DominicaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force23
    DominicaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force16
    DominicaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force3
    DominicaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force2
    DominicaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force36
    EcuadorAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force58
    EcuadorAll MembersOther measuresIn force3
    EcuadorAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force6
    EcuadorAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force3
    EcuadorAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force168
    EcuadorAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force170
    EcuadorAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force850
    EcuadorBilateralExport-related measuresIn force2
    EcuadorBilateralPrice control measuresIn force1
    EcuadorBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    EcuadorBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force469
    El SalvadorAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force14
    El SalvadorAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force6
    El SalvadorAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force23
    El SalvadorAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force29
    El SalvadorAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force245
    El SalvadorBilateralContingent trade protective measuresIn force1
    El SalvadorBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force2
    EthiopiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force137
    EthiopiaAll MembersOther measuresIn force7
    EthiopiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    EthiopiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force3
    EthiopiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force32
    EthiopiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force103
    EthiopiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force213
    EthiopiaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force2
    European UnionAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force2
    European UnionAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    European UnionAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force5
    European UnionAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force35
    European UnionAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force97
    European UnionAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force272
    European UnionBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    European UnionBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    European UnionBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force1
    European UnionBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1
    GhanaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force33
    GhanaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force7
    GhanaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force7
    GhanaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force26
    GhanaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force20
    GhanaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force25
    GhanaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force2
    GrenadaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force30
    GrenadaAll MembersOther measuresIn force4
    GrenadaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force5
    GrenadaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force6
    GrenadaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force18
    GrenadaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force59
    GrenadaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force84
    GrenadaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force2
    GrenadaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    GrenadaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force1
    GrenadaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force51
    GuatemalaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force34
    GuatemalaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force5
    GuatemalaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force69
    GuatemalaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force95
    GuatemalaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force71
    GuatemalaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force6
    GuineaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force75
    GuineaAll MembersOther measuresIn force3
    GuineaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force6
    GuineaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force21
    GuineaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force7
    GuineaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force30
    GuineaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force19
    GuineaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force1
    GuineaBilateralPrice control measuresIn force1
    GuineaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force5
    GuyanaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force71
    GuyanaAll MembersOther measuresIn force2
    GuyanaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force7
    GuyanaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force9
    GuyanaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force30
    GuyanaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force32
    GuyanaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force77
    GuyanaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force1
    GuyanaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force2
    GuyanaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force20
    GuyanaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1
    HondurasAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force37
    HondurasAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force4
    HondurasAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force88
    HondurasAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force98
    HondurasAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force37
    HondurasBilateralExport-related measuresIn force4
    HondurasBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force2
    Hong Kong, ChinaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force74
    Hong Kong, ChinaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force9
    Hong Kong, ChinaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force17
    Hong Kong, ChinaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force41
    Hong Kong, ChinaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force81
    Hong Kong, ChinaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force211
    Hong Kong, ChinaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force16
    Hong Kong, ChinaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force2
    Hong Kong, ChinaBilateralPrice control measuresIn force2
    Hong Kong, ChinaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force10
    Hong Kong, ChinaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force23
    Hong Kong, ChinaBilateralTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force3
    IndiaAll MembersExport-related measuresIn force407
    IndiaAll MembersOther measuresIn force23
    IndiaAll MembersPre-shipment inspectionIn force43
    IndiaAll MembersPrice control measuresIn force42
    IndiaAll MembersQuantity control measuresIn force201
    IndiaAll MembersSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force1466
    IndiaAll MembersTechnical Barriers to TradeIn force1481
    IndiaBilateralExport-related measuresIn force74
    IndiaBilateralPre-shipment inspectionIn force4
    IndiaBilateralPrice control measuresIn force1
    IndiaBilateralQuantity control measuresIn force11
    IndiaBilateralSanitary and PhytosanitaryIn force846